As you know I am currently taking a break, here in Lisboa. I always invite change, I love growth in all ways and I am intentionally open to receive guidance. And the last 2 maybe 3 months I was able to fully surrender to it for the first time. Becoming more present with life happening right in front of me. And for me. Being present with my clients and guiding them through their mental & emotional challenges.
But if you have coaching or any other inquiries you are welcome to apply via my email. Of course I go the distance – with the little help of digital AI-tools…

She’s one of the freedom-seekers, one of the heart-first kind of people that follow something greater than herself. They call is intuitive gifts, she calls it truth. She sees raw emotions behind every face, knowing they are just facades filled with ideas & ideals. She finds the true essence in others beneath the surface. She’s had many encounters over the years, some only for a few brief moments, yet forever memorable because each of them was honest & honorable. Allowing herself to feel nuances of emotions & release them quickly, so that she’s not dwelling on them. Knowing her companion will be showing her what parts need to be processed differently. She realizes it was never about doing more, achieving more or having more – but about being ever so present in every step of the way.

About her ability to open her ears, eyes & heart in even the most mundane moments. And, she knows very well how to ride emotional tidal waves (not only these waves)…

She cherishes meaningful conversations & deep connections, knowing that’s it’s created only through the powerful force of vulnerability & honest communication. She’s not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Being so close to her emotions makes her look at the sky with awe, see the colours of the trees vividly & bloom in the sun like a flower. She loves to dance in the kitchen, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, to sing in the car, the salty ocean air, random afternoon naps & laughing so much her belly hurts. She’s experienced a lot in life, and decided to start over again & again, and every time she learnt to surrender a little more. Making her build a home within herself. She’s found her softness although many tough situations seemed tempting to turn hard & cold. But it’s in the caring, the gentle & compassionate self where she belong. She chooses faith, love & kindness… but most importantly she chooses herself. She’s not held back by her past, or worried about the future. Her ultimate power is being in the here & now, that’s her playground and scope for creation.


And the women in the photo… she’s the one who sees all of this in you.


I know you are still out there trying your best, keeping it all together and doing an amazing job. I know. But if you’re anything like me, you have always felt a pull towards experiencing life in a deeper (& more meaningful) way. You want to lead authentically. So naturally you feel drawn to understand your flaws and blind spots, make sense of your patterns in order to change & grow.

As your coach & counselor I can guide you, hold space for you & teach you empowering methods. Expanding my awareness through coaching & training has given me tools to navigate any challenging time. And that’s what I would love for you to experience, too.

As your co-worker & team member I inspire and help to develop the organization, support the organizational vision and the needs and concerns of project partners, clients and/or subsidised individuals. I am driven to enable and encourage everyone who is around me to be the best version of themselves and thrive even more. Furthermore I provide a sensitive, detailed power of observation and keen sense of trends.
Above all I understand intuitively, I’m Iron-willed, and I know what the art of listening demands. That’s what I am here for.

Before I forget to mention: If this feels like the right time now, I currently have a few openings for new clients. Please inbox me your topics and we can start the conversation from there.


Best, yours



The world needs to hear the song that only you can sing.

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