„When faced with a decision, choose the path that feeds your soul.“
Dorothy Mendoza Row


Our every-day life is determined by decisions. Decisions are how we move forward in life. Starting with simple choices like what to wear, or what to have for breakfast up to more profound decisions like what career to choose, or who to spend our lives with. We all have endless possibilities in life, the whole world is open to us, and yet too often we just stay where we are.


But why is that?


The overload of opportunities we have in our lives comes with major drawbacks. When faced with too many options we tend to overthink and have a more difficult time making decisions. Having too many options can even be detrimental to our health and well-being.


To avoid this, we need to learn how to make the best decisions in the least amount of time.


Below are 3 practical ways that can help you make decisions faster:


1. Limit your options

Probably the most obvious, but most effective ways of them all. By limiting your options in the first place, you feel less overwhelmed and have an easier time with deciding on what to do.


2. Trust your gut feeling                                                                                    

Tune into yourself. Rely on your intuitive feelings. Deep down you might instinctively know what is right or wrong for you. Decide on what is for your highest good.


3. Set a time limit

Give yourself a set amount of time to make your decision. The perceived pressure of a time limit will help you stay focused and avoid overthinking.



If you need help ditching uncertainty and (re)defining your direction so you can go after your dreams unapologetically, then this is the sign you’ve been looking for.


See you!


Isa XX

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