What are you currently investing your time, money & energy in? Are you growing & expanding your knowledge/skills? Are you learning new things about yourself, others & the world daily? Are you spending or actually investing?



„I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“
Thomas A. Edison



Let me give you a few perspective shifts on what „investing“ in myself means to me. And what it has allowed & opened up for me as a leader (business owner). An investment in myself is the greatest asset there. I can multiply it, expand it & grow it in any way I want to.

Investing in myself can be: Reading books, listening to my favorite, vitalizing & uplifting songs and/or podcasts, dancing carefree in the kitchen or outside (after midnight), taking time off, coaching programs, working with mentors, business consultants…
Questions that have helped me (& my clients!): If I am not investing in myself, how can I expect from my clients to invest into my programs/projects? What is the cost of me not investing in myself?/What price have I paid so far (mentally) by not investing in


What makes it unsafe for me to invest in myself?

What is the reason for „not trusting“? And here’s the thing: Investing in myself (person & business growth) will never end. It’s an ongoing process. There is no „due date“ when I’m „done“. Because I’m here for good. 5,10,50 years ahead of learning & un-learning. So, what stopping you from investing in the future you’ve been wanting to create?

Let’s get in touch & start making a plan.



The only thing that has power over you, is what you give power to.




Pain Is Inevitable.
Suffering Is A Choice.



Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. If you are still suffering you simply haven’t found a way to process the pain you are experiencing.
You are not your pain. You are simply observing pain that is happening. In fact, some of you are so good at running away from pain that it turns into dwelling in self-inflicted suffering.
Yes, I said that. And if you felt those word, stay with me here a bit longer. When you stick with that default, you start to say things like:
Because of this painful experience, I never want to go there again. I’m never going to get into a serious relationship. I’m never going to try for that role at my work. Pain is not your enemy. It’s your mind that’s preventing you from experiencing it fully so that you can let it go.

Call me crazy, but what if – your pain simply wants to be acknowledged, too? And yes, this is leadership too. Figuring out a way to deal with emotional pain so that you don’t carry on projecting that pain onto other people, your team, your relationships. What’s on the other side you ask? Liberation, acceptance, emotional freedom. Well, and all that comes with those beautiful things of course. Healed relationships, intrinsic motivation, space to let love in. 


That my friend, is coaching.                                                                                                                















We walk through the fire together. Ready to go?

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