Do you find yourself putting this off that you know will bring you further? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with everything you have to do so you end up doing nothing at all?






Here are 5 simple steps to stop procrastinating and be productive:


1. Create a realistic to-do list for each day (don’t set the bar too high, I recommend 3 taks).
2. Break big tasks into easy, manageable steps (keep each task small and set priorities to avoid getting overwhelmed).
3. Do the hardest thing first (once you finished the task you’ve been avoiding, the rest of your day will be smooth).
4. Turn off your email and social media and place your phone out of eyesight to avoid constant interruption.
5. Shift from a ‘I have to do this’ to a ‘I get to do this/I am blessed to do this’ mentality.


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