I don’t know about you, but social media hasn’t served me lately. It’s probably not the internet’s (or anyone’s) fault but I simply felt no need for more input, offers or opinions.
My emotional & spiritual capacity was full to the max. My energy was needed elsewhere.


I felt the deep urge to come back to basics. Nurturing connections, deep conversations & creating comfort. Once more becoming aware that I am, myself, the creating source of my energy and all that I give. Instead of having my focus directed for me in all different kinds of ways. I found great power in directing it inwards.



For healing, for self-care, for cup-filling-up things & people. So, for a time social media hasn’t served me, and maybe this can be your little reminder to check in with yourself too. But soon again, I’m going to use these platforms to serve you. To created instead of consume.


If you want to create something great together in the new year, than don’t hesitate to contact me.



Here’s to a creative & co-creating year!




On Islay there is a saying: „We don’t make friends easily but the ones we do are for life.“

































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